NAM Emotional Hygiene Presentation


The main intention of our presentation is to make sure that participants get a simple and most up-to-date practical understanding of the benefits and the need for NAM emotional hygiene training.

NAM (Neuroplasticity Activation Modeling) training is a relaxed and pleasurable experience, which means that you will easily get introduced and learn practical methods for creating valuable causes that support mental well-being.

What are the benefits of NAM?

  1. Developing a better relationship with oneself, which is then felt and it translates to relationships with other people, colleagues, family members, friends…
  2. Sharpening mental faculties and strengthening concentration
  3. Creating space for creativity and excellence in performance, and the most important benefit is:
  4. Making impossible for mental misery to take over and shape our experience

Our program is based on the book “Beyond Wants – Stress-Relief Mind Training” – Model with practical methods for achieving mental stability. You can start reading the book here.

We are sorry, but at the moment we do not provide services. Anyway, please feel free to fiIl in the form. You will be contacted after October 31, 2019. if appropriate: