Harmony of Reality and Choice – Watering the Roots of Human Potential

NAM Emotional Hygiene Technology

Our experience is a continuous interplay between reality and choice.

Our words and actions are the products of our mind. Our mind is controlled by emotions. Sometimes we experience positive emotions like love, compassion, generosity, patience, self-confidence, altruism, and at other times we experience negative emotions like anger, irritation, attachment, jealousy, discontent or doubt. The more we familiarize with negative emotions, the more distracted and scattered our mind becomes. A disturbed mind is unable to make wise, meaningful, and constructive decisions. As opposed to that, familiarizing with positive emotions creates a nurturing environment for inner peace, courage, self-confidence, personal excellence, integrity, and ethics to flourish.
Emotional hygiene eliminates needless human suffering rooted in negative emotions. It generates positive emotions and constructive, resourceful states of mind. Emotional hygiene is the process that creates space for the brilliant human intelligence to flourish.

Emotional hygiene is beyond petty complications of everyday life, it is free from the obscurations. Cultivating emotional hygiene creates trust because people feel better and make smarter decisions. Trust is the cause of friendship. If there is friendship, there will be harmony. And if there is harmony, stress, conflicts, burnout, and depression becomes non-existent.

Within the frame of trust, friendship, and harmony, all constructive and worthwhile human endeavours grow and expand. One of those endeavours is business activity.

However, business development or any commercial activity is not an independent thing because it depends on many factors. If it is not a thing, there is only one other option. It has to be a product of different causes and conditions, which means any business is just a term attributed to the process of utilizing many resources in all aspects of human existence. So, what gets transformed through the process of business development? Human existence.

The most important cause for the process of business development to happen is the human mind. And every person on our planet wants to be happy, experience peace and positive emotions. Nobody wants to suffer in any way, experience burnout, pain or any negative emotions. Throughout human history, all human actions had one common denominator – a pursuit of happiness. It is the same in our day and age.

When people who are business leaders are experiencing negative emotions, it will cause negative actions and words, trust will not be possible, harmony will not manifest, and most likely pain, burnout, and suffering will follow. When people who are leaders of 21st century cultivate a nurturing environment of positive emotions, it will cause positive actions and words, trust will become possible, harmony will manifest, and flourishing of human potential will follow.

NAM – Neuroplasticity Activation Modeling is a training model with practical methods that support mental well-being. NAM is a technology of emotional hygiene, based on ancient Indian and Tibetan science of mind, it is evidence-based, supported by logic and neuroscience. NAM is developed for the benefit of all.

What are the benefits of NAM?

  1. Developing a better relationship with oneself, which is then felt and it translates to relationships with other people, colleagues, family members, friends…
  2. Sharpening mental faculties and strengthening concentration
  3. Creating space for creativity and excellence in performance, and the most important benefit is:
  4. Making impossible for mental misery to take over and shape our experience

How to train NAM?

Skill becomes a reflex through training. Through NAM we are developing the skill of utilizing brilliant human intelligence to transform negative emotions and create powerful causes of mental well-being. We work with the groups up to 15 people, through a series of 8 modules.

Each module has 3 parts: We learn the theory about emotions and the science of mind, followed by learning to debate, so we would make sure our convictions are logically consistent, and at the end, we employ valuable contemplative practices and meditation to assimilate newfound convictions on an emotional level.

Touched by the morning sun, a beautiful flower becomes visible.
We can see its petals, pestle, pollen, leaves, stem, and experience the fragrance. But to grow a beautiful flower, a skilfull gardener puts most of his energy in watering the roots, which are not visible.

Just as the process of gardening, business development in 21st century is the process of watering the roots of human existence, because if the roots are not healthy, strong, and stable, then all the other parts like modern technology, or technical knowledge cannot contribute much to its full growth and prosperity, and if we take this logic one step further; they cannot contribute to the full growth and prosperity of humanity, and even much more than that.

Wise men said, external harmony, prosperity, and success is the effect of internal harmony. They are both equally important, just as the bird who needs two wings to fly.
People who understand that always achieve more.

Therefore, the main intention of NAM training program “Harmony of reality and choice” is to make sure all the participants learn and train how to make impossible mentally to have space for misery and burnout and at the same time, make sure to feel and communicate better.

Just as only one acorn carries the potential of the whole oak forest, may just thinking about emotional hygiene inspire you to accomplish all meaningful aspirations in life, and everything much more and better than that.

Who is NAM trainer?

Igor Mošič, mag.oec. is a developer of Neuroplasticity Activation Modeling (NAM) technology of emotional hygiene and an author of the book: “Beyond Wants – Stress-Relief Mind Training”

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