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The book “Beyond Wants – Stress-Relief Mind Training” is a model with practical methods for achieving mental stability. And since the book is practical, your reading experience will be interesting and pleasurable because you will learn something important about your mind that can lead you to new possible choices and solutions.

It is not possible to buy the book “Beyond Wants – Stress Relief Mind Training” at the moment. We will start selling the book again from October 30, 2019.

It is the same with the process of buying this book because you are free to choose between physical or digital edition of the book. You are also free to download the WHOLE e-book and PAY WHATEVER AMOUNT you want for it. (Pay Whatever Amount You Want is a test and it may be taken down at any time and without prior notice).

1. PHYSICAL EDITION – PAPERBACK (A5 dimension, 156 pages)

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