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Our experience is a continuous interplay between reality and choice.

What Are The Main Topics Analyzed In The Book "Beyond Wants"?


If a tree falls in a forest and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Is there a stress out there in the world, or only in our responses to the world? 


Mental states are states of the mind. The mind gives meaning to all of our experiences. What are the two main qualities of the mind?


The less knowledge you have, the more problems you have. You can never learn less, you can always learn more. In this chapter, you will learn what is the main cause of stress and that knowledge will help you to start familiarizing yourself with your positive mental states.


When stress, anger, and conflicts appear, the beauty of life disappears. Here we talk about the disadvantage of a stressed mind and the advantage of a calm, stable mind with regard to health.


A flower grows from its roots. If we want a flower to grow, we will take good care about the conditions that make it grow. Stress is not a flower and we will not treat it that way.


Skill becomes a reflex through training. In this chapter, you will experience 7 mind training exercises that will act upon your stress as a ray of sun when it dispels darkness.

Why The Book About Stress-Relief Mind Training?

Everybody wants to experience pleasure, be happy and calm. Nobody wants to be disturbed,
experience stress, conflicts, and pain.

Despite that aspiration, most people are not reaching that goal. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression and other mental health conditions are on the rise globally. It is estimated that by 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of work disability and by 2030, it is expected to be the largest contributor to disease burden. Those facts are horrifying.

It is scientifically proven that sustained or chronic stress causes mental disorders and depression. 

Needless stress does not happen by itself. Stress has its causes. An oak also does not happen by itself. An
acorn is the main cause of an oak. By recognizing and eliminating the causes of stress; stress can be eliminated.

This book is a journey from stress, conflicts, and worries to the peace of mind, self-confidence
and compassion. The journey that leads beyond everyday dualism to sustainable mental health and well-being.


The more you practice mind training, the easier it becomes to achieve calm, self-confident, and happy mind.

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Stress-Relief Mind Training

Just as you have a unique fingerprint, N2SED Stress-Relief Mind Training is a highly individual experience where nobody does anything on you, and you do not do anything on anybody. We just let things happen naturally; from stress, conflict, and uncertainty to inner peace, self-confidence, and certainty. You can say it is similar to a wave at the ocean; it arises, it remains, and dissolves back into the ocean without your intervention. Our intention is to stimulate powerful unconscious processes, so you could familiarize with your hidden resources of your inner world that lead to new solutions for you. 

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The Book: "Beyond Wants"

The book: "Beyond Wants - Stress-Relief Mind Training" is a model with practical methods to achieve mental stability, inner peace, and self-confidence. Those qualities are the effects of different causes and conditions. We are using logical reasoning to identify those causes and by doing it we gain intellectual understanding of the mind and its dynamics. But that is not enough to transform negative patterns of behavior to positive. We have to develop conviction through personal experience. That is why we present 7 mind trainings. Many people find them very beneficial and we believe they will be highly useful to you, too.

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"How To Sell Better" Training

Knowing how to be excellent in selling is a highly useful skill. On a mundane level, money is mostly acquired through selling activities. Money is a dynamic force and when it is moved with sincere motivation and positive intention, it can bring a lot of benefit and happiness to many people. That is why we developed a training program "How To Sell Better" so you could learn something very important about the power of verbal and non-verbal communication and influence on conscious and unconscious level. Those teachings will stay with you and become available to you at will, not only for your personal benefit because you will positively influence all the people in your life.

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What we do?

External harmony, prosperity, and success are the effects of internal harmony, compassion, and stability.
People who understand it always achieve more.
We support your internal mental harmony, compassion, and stability with N2SED Stress-Relief Mind Training program and the book "Beyond Wants". 
We support your external harmony, prosperity, and success with special training in communicating, influencing, negotiating, and selling skills "How To Sell Better".

1. N2SED Stress-Relief Mind Training

2. The Book: "Beyond Wants - Stress-Relief Mind Training"

3. "How To Sell Better" Training

4. Business Coaching (Sales, Negotiation, Marketing Strategy, Public Speaking) 

Who is N2SED Coach?

Igor Mošič, mag.oec. and NLP Master practitioner is active as a meditation teacher, sales trainer and writer. He is an author of the book: "Beyond Wants - Stress-Relief Mind Training".

His primary intention is teaching about practical methods for achieving a sustainable harmony between inner-peace and outer progress and success. Every N2SED training or meditation has a goal to improve clients' emotional hygiene and mental stability because practical and precious tools are used - meditative techniques. He teaches Tibetan meditation.  
He spent most of his business life in sales and marketing, developing a keen interest in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is an International New Code NLP Coach trained by John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP, Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll. Click here for the certificates.

He studies Buddhist philosophy at the Tibetan Buddhist center in Dharamsala - McLeod Ganj, India.

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